40 comments on “Fμckbird and Jim: James Joyce’s letters to Nora Barnacle

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    • It’s an unorthodox and off-the-wall interpretation of the texts, no doubt about that Jimmy, but in some strange way I suspect you may be onto something. Let’s hope your contribution to Joycean scholarship does not go unnoticed.

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  12. I didn’t know Joyce was so interesting! After how he treated Sylvia Beach when he found another publisher for Ulysses, I thought the man was a dick. But these love letters are something else. Not even Henry Miller wrote like this, and that’s saying something.

    Shame the letters aren’t available in their entirety for purchase. I was never able to get into Joyce. But these letters might help.

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  20. Hello, Funny or Die! Thanks for visiting. YOU’RE FUCKING WELCOME. I don’t own these letters and nor do you, but I’m the one who dug them out and FFS, even Buzzfeed gave me a nod when they listicled it.

    • Joyce has achieved in a relationship whAt Freud thought not possible. He fused the sacred and profane, he fused Madonna and Putana . From my dear little convent girl to my fuckbird, amazing and something we can only hope to achieve with the one we love.

  21. Facinating! I’m amazed these were not destroyed by the estate, etc., so as not to damage Joyce’s literary status. However, as I’m currently studying Ulysses, I’ve noticed most of this content can be found in ‘Penelope’ – art imitating life! Thanks for posting these, they will certainly get a mention in my assignment, or even my dissertation once I settle on a theme.

    • If I remember rightly the long-gone and out of print book from which these came actually mentioned that after Nora’s death, Stephen Joyce (I think) did destroy the counterparts to these letters written by her. Joyce’s letters were already elsewhere and beyond his reach, so he had to settle for pressurising the publishers of the book and anybody else who sought to reproduce the material.

      Despite mentioning my view that these are great Joycean writing and deserve to be read because neither of the individuals concerned can be harmed by it, I hadn’t made the connection with ‘Penelope’ (i.e. the section in Ulysses, for those who don’t know/haven’t read it). To be honest my memory of large chunks of that book is fairly vague. I’ll have to re-read it now, you bastard…

      Seriously, thanks for pointing this out. I’m sure it will also be of interest to many of the smut hounds I mean literature lovers who visit this page.

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  25. I have a question, during a week of march I read in a newspaper that there was a podcast that read the letters. I tried to find it, but in vain, did you ever hear anything of these people? As i vaguely remember they were used to be called smugcast or something alike but they changed there name… any info would be helpful. (the only thing i keep finding is funny or die)

    • I’m afraid I know nothing of the podcast you mention. If you do find it in the end, please leave another comment and a link.

      Strange you should mention repeatedly finding Funny or Die’s rendition, since at the time they “came up with the idea” (for want of a better phrase, and I use the phrase loosely) this was the only place where a) the letters existed in full and b) it was suggested that it might be funny to read them aloud… Some thanks or acknowledgement, or even just a link would have been nice.

    • Maybe you found it in the meantime, if not they are called “The Heart”. The Podcast used to be called Audiosmut. Their reading of it is great

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    Imagine if every drunken tweet you ever sent was posted on the Internet and flagged for the world to see. It would be something like this.

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  28. well then nothing is new under the sun, is it just me, or does it “seem” that humans loved more and deeply than they do today?

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