2 comments on ““Fame fame fame fame fame (what’s your name?)”

  1. Congratulations Alistair! Next step, your town of birth should put a blue plaque on your home. I loved the syllable specifications too. Perhaps you could write a guide to name metrics and their meanings following on from Crowley. I am a double amphibrac, which is certainly a projection of incomparable beauty and intelligence paired with encyclopedic knowledge.

    • I should point out that my parents weren’t inspired to name me by Aleister Crowley or by classical poetic meter. Francis Bacon had something to do with it, though, but that’s a story I’ll save for another time…

      Eleanor Rigby certainly made herself famous by strange means- Paul McCartney denied ever seeing it or being consciously aware of it, and had formerly believed that he made the name up entirely, but there is indeed an Eleanor Rigby buried (along with her name) in a graveyard near where McCartney and Lennon grew up.

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