5 comments on “The mysteries of Freemasonry

    • The text at the bottom refers not to the talk but to the serialised book the talk is promoting. It says “La 1ére livraison est gratuite chaque livraison suivante se vend 10 centimes. Deux livraisons chaque semaine- une serie tous les quinze jours.” (Delivery of the 1st [part] is free, each delivery thereafter costs 10 centimes. Two deliveries each week-a fortnightly series) These last two sentences seem to contradict each other, unless you could get two deliveries a week to catch up with a fortnightly series that was already in progress or finished. Or unless my French is wrong… although a Google robo-stupid translation also gives a similar interpretation.

      • interesting, there are places that are attempting paid electronic serialisation, but you probably get spammed if you choose not to keep reading… have not tried it yet but I can imagine that is one of the clever ‘features’ that has been programmed in…

      • I think the 19th century publishers mostly got around this by taking subscriptions in advance to an entire serialised book (e.g. Dickens, the Brontës) rather than allowing people to pay by the episode, on an episode by episode basis. Publishers of stuff like Taxil’s tended to be more about getting what they could while they could and weren’t so bothered about anyone actually making it to the end of the whole book. These were also the days of Cash on Delivery, so a postman might collect subscription fees or payment for mail order goods.

      • Sounds like they had a good model if you ask me… Pay upfront I mean, not having to actually meet the postie and or try to get money off him that he had collected ;)

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