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    A cross post from my other blog, on the subject of Eric Gill: purveyor of Modernist elegance in public, disgusting filthy sex fiend in private.

  2. I wound up on this site by accident. That’s the problem with HYPER-LINKS—they can literally take you ANYWHERE. There was a story about Ian Watkins & HMV store;s business decision to ‘de-catalogue’ and remove from sale, the collective works of the ‘Lost Profits’ (note pun).

    I was intrigued by the position of HMR to refuse to sell or display ‘DEGENERATE ART’ which some fans compared to what Adolf Hitler did in Germany in the 1930s. It raises a particular question about SOCIETY & ART. Should Artistes be permitted to separate their private lives from their ART WORK? Is that even possible? Should Nero be separated from his burning of Rome and his ‘Fiddle Playing’? Should John Lennon be indulged for his ‘Bigger than Jesus’ Remark? Or John Wayne Gacy his ‘Killer Clowns’ motifs? Is there a difference between Ian Watkins, the Musician and Ian Watkins the ‘baby sitter’? Should there be?

    Me? I’m torn. I BOYCOTT Artistes & ART WORK that offend me and I do that sort of thing all the time. I don’t believe it is possible to separate the man from their muse for the creation of Art requires man to give himself up to his muse. I also don’t want a reminder of the monsters and their muses (such as building a memorial to the Columbine HS victims while including their killers into the memorial). Boycotting things is one thing; protecting me from viewing such filth is another.

    Although it is my daily prayer that Ian Watkins is nightly corn-holed in PRISON, I should be able to listen to his music if I have the wimsy to hear it [FYI, I’ve never heard of the band and since I am not a METAL-HEAD, I probably never will—Still, as an adult; I have the right of choice]. I’m just sayin’

  3. In terms of modern typography, even today – the man was God.

    In terms of what goes on behind closed doors, both now and then – a Hell of a lot more than we are aware of. I don’t think he was at all unique in that respect. Not that I condone, but really fine art is quite often created by really big arseholes. One has to see the creation as separate from the creator’s personal life – or trash the lot.

    • I would venture to suggest that he probably was highly unusual in his unparalleled enthusiasm for screwing his dogs and for incest. Obviously these things occur in the world and they always have, but they’re not everyday human foibles or failings. I don’t think the majority of people would put an incestuous dog-raping flasher in the (relatively speaking) inoffensive category of just being an arsehole. An able-bodied banker leaving their BMW diagonally across two disabled parking spaces is an arsehole. Somebody who puts their muddy trainers up on a bus seat is an arsehole. Eric Gill was considerably beyond just being an arsehole.

      Otherwise I can see what you’re saying and broadly speaking I agree. There are artists, musicians, writers and film makers whose work I like and wouldn’t want to be bereft of, but I would definitely not want these people in my life in any other manner whatsoever. I would also caution artists and audiences alike to beware of falling into the romantic mad, bad and dangerous to know fallacy, i.e. thinking that because many artists are troubled, strange (or just plain old arseholes without even the excuse of being troubled or strange) it means you can’t be creative without being troubled, strange or a total arsehole. Destroying yourself or the lives of the people around you is absolutely the worst and least productive way to be creative.

      Anyway, thanks for such an intelligent and thought-provoking comment.

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