One comment on “A mountebank licking a red-hot bar of iron

  1. Oh look, somebody has dismembered this lovely volume so they can flog off the illustrations for £6.76 each. It’s perhaps more likely (and I really hope) they haven’t destroyed an 1898 edition but have used instead the Dover facsimile reprint of it, in which case it’s not even vintage or handmade (i.e. within Etsy’s own weaselly worded, very elastic definition of what they’re meant to be selling.) Whether they’re selling reproductions as vintage or ruining rare antique books– because one of these must be the case unless there’a really obvious alternative explanation I’m missing– Etsy and Etsy sellers never cease to amaze with their audacity.

    Top tip: You can buy the whole (copyright free, Dover reproduction) book for about £8-£20 if you really want to cannibalise it for parts.

    It’s also been scanned by Google.

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